The Original Kicksled Now in North America

Winter fun for every age from 3 to 83!

Discover the outdoor activity that millions of Scandinavians love. Alone or with a child sitting up front (or standing on the runners), enjoy the pleasure of winter with a kicksled. Of course, children can have their own kicksleds and slide along too. Learn to use the kicksled in just a few minutes and take the whole family for winter outings. The kicksled can also be used as a dog sled. Easy to pull, the kicksled can be your dog’s best friend!

The kicksled is used on compacted snow or ice : walking trails, snowshoe or snowmobile trails, country roads, sidewalks, cross-country ski trails (skate skiing), lakes, skating rink, etc.

  • Fast on snow or on ice
  • Ecological
  • Great exercise. It's an alternative to cross-country skiing for those who like a little more stability.
  • A perfect family sport -- with Mom or Dad doing all the work, of course.
  • Practical. Folds flat for easy storage and transportation. It requires no special maintenance or extra equipment such as bindings or boots.
  • Built tough in Finland.
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