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Kicksled manufacturer pays attention to the weather, 2008

ESLA Kicksled for Snow Travel

Rave and Review, November 22, 2009

Kicksleds offer fun, fitness

Stowe Today, January 28, 2010


Ottawa Outdoors, Winter 2009

Kicksledding Comes to Montreal

Montreal, January 8, 2010

«We profiled what is quite possibly the coolest winter toy ever»
Rave and Review, November 2009
«Only the best, knotless birch is good enough for kicksleds. If used and maintained correctly, an Esla-kicksled keeps for decades, the company promises.», 2008
«It’s the kind of fun that makes you (almost) wish you lived in the arctic and had snow year-round so you could ride it everyday.»
Rave and Review, November 2009
«Kicksleds are a super option for parents who want to combine exercise and family time.»
I Spy Montreal, Jan. 2010
«Kicksledding is an environmentally friendly sport, since it doesn’t create pollution or noise. The sleds are made from birch and other recyclable components and painted with water-soluble paint.»
Stowe Reporter, January 28, 2010
«Kicksledding is different. It’s a winter sport that offers a cardiovascular and lower-body workout, plus fun in the snow.»
Stowe Reporter, January 28, 2010